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John Bunzl at TEDx Berlin: The Political Prisoner's Dilemma

What can Max and Moritz, the naughty boys from folklore teach us about the dilemma of government around the globe? 

Our founder John Bunzl talks naughty children, Game Theory, and saving the world at TEDxBerlin's "Crossing Borders" conference.

Solving global problems with Simpol

What is it that's stopping governments from working together on solving global problems? What does acting simultaneously really look like? In this short animation developed by Integral Information Architecture, we outline how the Simpol idea can break the deadlock on global cooperation. 

What is Simpol?

Simpol founder John Bunzl explains the three key things you need to know about Simpol and why they make it, arguably, the best and swiftest way to solving global problems.

What is Destructive Global Competition?

What is the biggest barrier preventing governments from solving global problems? Simpol founder John Bunzl explains what Destructive Global Competition is and how it prevents action on everything from Climate Change to Tax Evasion.

What is The SIMPOL Solution?

A video about John Bunzl and Nick Duffell's book The SIMPOL Solution. For more on the book, including endorsements from Noam Chomsky, Ken Wilber, David Sloan Wilson and others, visit the book page.

Simpol Insights interview series

A series of interviews with leading experts in civilisation design, collective intelligence and conscious evolution.

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